#HealthyChat: your weekly appointment with a health expert


How to get involved

Follow the hashtag #HealthyChat on Twitter and include it on any tweets that you do – this means your tweets will show up in the chat.

If you use a tool called ‘TweetChat’, it puts all of the tweets into one place so it’s more like an online chat room and it also adds the hashtag for you…excellent if you’re as forgetful as I am!

Next #HealthyChat @ 3pm (AEDT) Tuesday 15th April.

It’s nearly the most delicious time of year… Easter YUM! Let’s talk about chocolate and hot cross buns and where our healthy habits come in to play with Accredited Practising Dietitian @RosalynDAngelo.

#HealthyChat is all about keeping up motivation to be healthier: seeing you through those trickier phases and ensuring you have the inspiration to succeed, whatever your goal. It’s  a great time to start up a conversation with fellow Healthy Chatters and pick up some tips from our accredited dietitians Rosalyn D’Angelo and Gemma Cosgriff.

Just remember to include #HealthyChat in your tweets to keep everyone in the loop.


More and more Aussies are joining Bupa’s #HealthyChat to find out tips on how they can be healthier and chat with others about their highs and lows in trying to get there. Everyone is invited, so don’t be shy and jump on board.

#HealthyChat is a weekly chat that we (@BupaAustralia) run on Twitter. Bupa hosts the chat and we also get an expert to join in to give tips and answer your questions around a different health topic each week.  It’s on every Tuesday at 3pm.

Using social media to be healthier

#HealthyChat came about as we were looking for ways that we could use social media to help Australians to be healthier.

It gives many people the chance to ask those burning questions to a healthcare professional without resorting to Dr Google – which can sometimes do more harm than good!

Last year we covered a range of health topics and brought in a range of experts. This year, the main focus of #HealthyChat is diet and nutrition and we have our team of 6 Bupa dietitians as our regular health professionals. However, many other experts join our chats so you are spoilt for choice if you are looking for information and advice!

We’ve covered things like:

  • Sustainable eating
  • Child obesity
  • The pursuit of happiness
  • Body image
  • Goalsetting…

At the end of every chat we create a transcript so you can read all our previous chats on Storify.

Meet our Bupa dietitians:

#healthchat Profiles

Building a community

It’s so exciting for me to see that this grass roots initiative is helping to build a community of food lovers and health professionals as well as people who want to find out how they can eat healthier.

I actually moderate most of the chats for Bupa and love it when I see people having chats with each other and even becoming friends! It’s a very friendly environment and I always feel motivated to be healthier at the end of each chat (and sometimes a little guilty for eating chocolate while I’m moderating).

Tell us what you want to chat about

We want to hold chats on topics that mean something to you, so if you have any suggestions for future chats, comment below and we will try to schedule it in!

Hope that I get to e-meet you soon :)

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